Christian Investigator is owned and operated by®, and is committed to bring you a professional service second to none. We are licensed Private Investigators who are retired law enforcement officials from the Southern California area. We have specialized government investigation training and have handled all types of  investigations involving cheaters to corrupt government officials.

Our mission is to bring real results with real performance!  Some of our clients are multi-millionaire businesses who have trusted us to come through. We handle all types of investigations and no job is to small. We have a passion to prevail and will put our best effort forward in order to come through for you as well. We come highly recommended and specialize in working with other law enforcement agencies with good working relationships. We specialize in following people and trust me this is the most difficult challenge. As people are creatures of habit but when you least expect it they change their routine. Our stealth Private Investigators are trained to use cover and concealment in order to blend in.  Give us a call toll free at 855-342-3300 for a free consultation and put us on your side!


Hire a Professional Private Investigator with Government Christian Investigator Training.

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