Welcome to ChristianInvestigator.com, a subsidiary of Investigations.LA, LLC.®, along with PoliceOfficer.com®, is operated by several honorably retired Deputy Sheriff’s or Police Officers from Southern California, working under a fully licensed Private Investigator Managers license. We work exclusively for defense and civil attorneys. This website was created to reach out to all seven sister counties in the State of California. A special group of highly trained & educated active & retired police officers have come together to make it happen.

Each of us have known one another since our rookie days, enjoying the last “OORAH” of police work as it once was. Times have not changed, people do! Policing has taken a new form and nobody is immune from prosecution. Today’s policing is really no different than it ever has been, yes more people and more crime but still the same. The reason I bring this up is, I truly believe it is important for each of you to personally know our team and realize we pretty much have seen it all when it comes to police work.  So then, you can be assured we most likely know about your situation and can surely help you.

We are highly equipped, trained and educated and ready for action! It is important you know a little, “About us” since we are on topic here. Yes, we do hire off duty deputy sheriffs & police officers who we feel are genuine and competent to handle some of the cases which come off the street directly to us. Here are a few things to know about us, we have major experience in all these areas:

  • Police Helicopter pilots
  • Range Master qualified
  • Gang expert qualified – voir dire
  • Narcotic expert qualified – voir dire
  • Motor unit experience
  • Supervisory certifications – all levels
  • Street Crimes – Vice, Prostitution, Scams
  • Computer crime – Internet fraud
  • Computer analyst
  • Family law – all areas –
  • Homicide investigations – interview/interrogations
  • Surveillance and tracking
  • Internal affairs/citizens complaints
  • Financial fraud
  • Insurance fraud
  • Workers compensation fraud
  • Loss Prevention/internal loss prevention
  • Search warrant preparedness/defense review
  • Finger print specialist
  • Radar/Doppler/Laser certified
  • D.U.I. defense/report review/testimony
  • Traffic court/defense
  • Small claims court direction
  • Probate court direction
  • Body guard service – concealed weapon permits
  • Licensed Private Investigators
  • Conservatorships
  • Guardianships
  • Forensic Financial Crimes
  • Domestic Violence
  • Criminal Threats
  • Embezzlement
  • Elder Abuse

Okay, so you can see some of our experience when we once worked as law enforcement officers. Here we are today, having reached a cornerstone in life….letting you know what we did over the past 30 years so you can see we definitely have experience in all these areas. What we do is apply each topic to what people might need for us to help them with. Some people may say, oh looks they turned to the dark side?

Well, certainly not true, however, we are here to find the truth of the matter. As an example, let’s say you were arrested for something you did not do but merely had a personality clash with the officer and were ultimately arrested. Well, we are offering you answers and guidance of what you should do to look for a viable solution to the problem. We have no problem going against the grain exposing any rouge officer down the line, lawyer, judge or whomever.

Please do not get us wrong, we hire police officers, lawyers and retired judges. If you are an officer, we can assist you in the review of all the reports/evidence for a viable defense, on the other hand, if you are a citizen we can assist you in authoring a complaint as well. We specialize in narcotic cases, for the identification of narcotics, search warrants, confidential informants, confidential reliable informants, we offer expert testimony in most all common street narcotics. We have assisted many attorneys who have prevailed in court for their clients.

Our team has worked as body guards for many celebrities, in where the Private Investigator has the authority to carry a concealed firearm in all 50 states. We escort coin and jewelry companies transporting goods. We are experts in interviewing & interrogations and know how to review police reports and or documents for defense purposes. We have so much talent we are basically experts in all fields. We have a para-legal on our team who is a retired police officer with 30 years of service.

We have court certified experts waiting to take your case. Companies have hired us to weed out questionable employee’s, companies have hired us to secure their businesses from street thugs. So then, there you have it…we do most everything to help individuals and companies who are looking for viable solutions to real problems.

Our Investigators, some of whom were high ranking police officials have received awards from the following:

  • United States Congress,
  • Director of the F.B.I.,
  • Attorney General,
  • State Senate,
  • State Government,
  • County Government
  • City Government

Toll Free: 855-342-3300